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Well, I’m finally getting around to getting an update posted on our progress with JP. If I knew how to do it I’d have Boston’s “Long Time” playing as background music. I can’t believe it’s been over seven months since I last shared a post on JP. To keep you from having to search out the last post, you can find it here if you’re interested. We had gotten the floor pans welded in at that point so I needed to do some clean up on them. I went to work and cleaned up the welds on the underside of JP with a grinder. I then sanded the pans down on the bottom and gave them a good coat of chassis paint so hopefully we won’t have to ever replace those again. If we do, I’m going to let Hannah and/or her kids fool with it. If you strictly look on the outside of JP you probably can’t see a whole lot of difference in him from the last update. A lot of the work has been sort of “behind the scenes.”

However, the good news is JP is back on the road and drivable again. I’ve driven him to work a few times and around town enough to get a little over 500 miles on the clock after the engine rebuild. I’m thinking I’ll go ahead and change the oil now and exchange that break-in oil for some fresh stuff (and of course a new filter). But wow. I love the power of that 390 FE engine. I’ve tried to take it pretty easy during the break-in so I haven’t really stepped on it yet. But I can tell it’s really going to be a monster compared to what I’m used to driving.

The only real issue we’ve got to work through before I put JP on the road pretty regularly (besides gas prices) is an aggravating gas delivery problem. He will sporadically die after acting like he’s run out of gas. I had replaced the gas cap a previous owner had on JP and we originally thought the new gas cap was not venting correctly. After driving for a while, the gas tank would create such a vacuum that you could hardly even get the cap off. We thought the cap was keeping the fuel pump from working like it should. We thought a new cap had helped the problem but the last time I drove JP he died on me again. Since the gas gauge isn’t working, I thought I had run out of gas so I called Sheryl to bring me some gas. After putting some gas in him he fired right up. So now we’re thinking we may have some trash in the gas tank that floats over the pickup tube and cuts off the fuel supply. Looks like a tank cleaning may be in order after all.

Here are some pictures of the different items I’ve been working on lately. First up is a before and after picture of a hole where a seam in the cab had separated above the passenger’s door. A little seam sealer is all it took to fix that.


I mentioned in my last update that I needed to fix a hole in the passenger’s side kick plate. Here’s a shot of it after I put a piece of metal in it for a patch.

The next two shots are after patching the hole. First, I filled it with some bondo. Then I did some sanding and shot it with primer. I think it turned out pretty good. It still needs a little finish sanding before the upholstery (whatever that may be) goes in.


By the way, I scored some vent doors recently for the vent hole you can see above. I haven’t seen them advertised in any of the usual Ford truck parts catalogues so I’m happy about that. They’re in great shape and I’ll tell where I found them in my next post.

One area that I’ve worked on and am pretty happy with is JP’s doors. A previous owner had installed some of the large, extended mirrors you use when hauling a trailer. These left holes in the door skins where they were mounted and since I’m going back to the smaller, original mirrors those holes needed filling. The mirrors also must have hung on something as well because the door skin was bowed up in places and sunken in others. This next picture shows how the passenger side looked.

The two holes above the single hole on the bottom (which is for trim) are the bottom mounting holes and you can see the two holes above already filled with some bondo. The large slot next to the top holes is where the original mirrors mounted and where our new ones will go. I used a body hammer to level the high spots and then used bondo to fill the low spots. Here are a couple of shots after applying the bondo and some sanding.


And here’s the finished product after some primer. I don’t think it’s half-bad for somebody that doesn’t know anything about body work.


The last update I’ll show is kind of bringing JP up to date with some 21st century styling cues such as smoothing the body lines. Some folks take this pretty far by getting rid of the drip rails, door handles, trim, and emblems. I’m not going that far with it although I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the drip rails. In my case, this means filling in the seams on the back of the bed and on the hood. The bed seam is shown below.


Now, after some hammer work, bondo and sanding.


And now the seam after primer.


Here are some shots of the seam on the cab.


More bondo and sanding:


Finally, after some primer:

I also fixed a couple of spots on the hood and passenger side fender but I’ll let those go this time. That’s it for this update. Right now Dad is trying to troubleshoot some electrical problems with the gauge cluster and turn signals along with that gas problem I mentioned earlier. We’re sort of approaching the time when I have to start getting serious about getting the paint and body done. Hopefully next week I’ll have another post about a little deviation we took from restoring JP that will actually help us in the long run. It has something to do with those vent doors I found and possibly a new feature on the Slick ’66 site. Until then…


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2012 Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals and All Ford Show Part 3 – Details   Leave a comment





This will be the third and final post from my trip to Pigeon Forge for the F100 Supernationals. Part 1 can be found here and it had some pictures of all the fantastic Slick 60’s that were at the show. Part 2 is here and was devoted to the other Ford trucks at the show. In this post I will show you a few shots of various details or elements that I saw at the show and thought were cool. The creativity and craftsmanship is really pretty amazing on these trucks and the lengths folks go to customize their rides to make them their own is inspirational.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy these photos.










Well, that’s it for this year’s coverage of the Supernationals. I hope you saw something you liked or something that inspired you to work on your truck or car. Speaking of that, I need to post an update on what we’ve done to our truck JP since it’s been a while. That will be my next update. Maybe by the time next year’s Supernationals roll around JP will be ready to go.

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2012 Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals and All Ford Show Part 2 – Miscellaneous Fords   2 comments

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the 34th annual F100 Supernationals and All Ford Show in Pigeon Forge a couple of weeks ago. In that prior post I shared pictures of some of the Slick ’60’s that were in attendance. And while Slick ’66 is a blog devoted to various topics regarding Slicks and my slick JP, specifically, I know that we can all appreciate other cool rides. And boy, there were some cool Fords there besides the Slicks. In part two of my posts from the Supernationals, I thought I would share some of the other trucks that were there. As I said in the previous post, maybe there will be something in here that catches your attention and gives you an idea to include in your own truck no matter the model. As I did previously, I’ll just present the vehicles with a minimum of commentary and let the pictures do the talking.

Except for this first one. I really don’t know how to describe this first truck. I don’t know what type of wood the owner used. I don’t know what kind of stain he used. I don’t even like the truck but I have to give the guy credit for the workmanship. It is certainly different and is something I’ve never seen before. I wish I had asked him how much this thing weighs. And if he’s going to cover the cab and front clip of the truck at some point.



With that out of the way, here are the pictures of some more traditional Fords that were on display at the Supernationals. This first one was one of my favorites. I love the tangerine color. It was featured as a cover truck in Custom Classic Trucks.


These next two trucks have variations of colors that I’m considering for JP. I’m now leaning toward something different than the normal candy red, black, rat rod, etc. These greens were the only two I saw at the Supernationals that were close to the color I have in mind. I dig the ghost flames in the second shot, too.


You’ll see below some of the other trucks that caught my eye at the show.











Well, that’s it for this post. I’ve got one more entry to complete my posts on the F100 Supernationals. In part three I will show you some pictures I took of detail items I thought were cool or interesting like pinstriping, chrome, stitching, and things like that. I hope these posts give you a taste of what the show is all about.

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2012 Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals and All Ford Show Part 1 – Slick ‘60’s   1 comment

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals. This year I went on Friday because my niece was graduating from high school and Hannah’s baton recital was on Saturday. I was a little worried that the show wouldn’t be cranked up very well even though it started on Thursday. Boy, I shouldn’t have worried about that. I haven’t seen any official numbers but I heard that there was well over 500 vehicles on display. I also overheard several people say as I walked up and down the aisles that they couldn’t believe how many folks were there compared to Friday of last year. There were also vendors such as LMC and Dennis Carpenter along with a lot of performance, hot rod, and interior shops. The swap meet area looked like it was drawing a lot of interest as they had a ton of parts if you had something you were looking for.

My alarm clock went off at 1:30 a.m. so I slowly crawled out of bed. Knowing this was just going to be a very quick day trip I had gotten my stuff together the night before so I wouldn’t be in a panic trying to leave. By 2:15 a.m. I was on the road with my Diet Mountain Dew in the cup holder, a Hershey’s bar in my hand, and Pandora Radio keeping me awake on the stereo. The drive was thankfully uneventful and peaceful. Somewhere around Knoxville the sun began to rise and, based on the big red ball of fire staring me in the face, I’ll bet it was a really pretty one at New Found Gap in the Smokey Mountains. I arrived in Pigeon Forge around 7:30 a.m. to find my favorite breakfast place didn’t open until 8:00. Since the Supernationals didn’t start until 8:00 as well, I decided to run up to Gatlinburg to look around and kill some time.

By the time I got back to Pigeon Forge the restaurant was open so I got some breakfast and headed on over to the show arriving about 9:00. Even though there were many F100’s showing up at the same time there were still literally hundreds of trucks already on the show field.  I’m assuming they were left over night because there’s no way they could have gotten that many trucks in there that morning. My previous post shows you a shot of the show field, or lot in this case, as I entered the display area. I should have turned around 180 degrees and taken a shot of the vendor areas but I was so excited to see the trucks I forgot.

I spent over five hours checking out the swap meet, browsing the vendors, and of course scoping out the many incredible trucks on display. The weather couldn’t have been better except it was pretty hot. It was sunny, in the high 80’s, and pretty humid. This brings me to my ONLY complaint about the event. They need more concession stands because the lines were pretty long every time I went to get something to drink. Keep that in mind for next year so you can bring your own refreshments. With all of that being said, let’s get to the show. I took so many pictures that I’m not going to say anything about the pictures so I can include as many shots as possible. I’m also going to break my coverage of the show into three parts: Slicks (first of course), other interesting vehicles, and details/miscellaneous (i.e., pin striping, flames, etc.). I got a lot of ideas I would like to incorporate into JP and a lot of ideas I definitely want to avoid. The argument I keep having in my head is about how far down the car show road I want to go with JP. After the Supernationals it may be farther than I originally intended.  I keep having to remind myself, “JP is not a show truck, JP is not a show truck.”

First up is a shot of the emcee of the event, Sam Memmolo, star of Two Guys Garage and Motorhead Garage.











And now to the stuff we really care about.



As you can see, Slicks were represented very well at the show. I’ve tried to show a sampling of all styles from rats to six-figure trailer queens so I hope there is something here for everybody. In a few days I’m going to post some other cool vehicles from the show that don’t really have anything to do with Slicks except that they’re Blue Ovals. But if you’re like me it may give you some ideas to incorporate into your own projects and rides.

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Live from the 2012 Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals and All Ford Show   Leave a comment


Lotsa good looking rides!!! I’ll be posting some more pictures in a day or so. Slicks were out in force!



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June 2012 Classic Trucks Feature   Leave a comment


The June 2012 Classic Trucks magazine has a feature on a 1965 F100 this month. I thought there was a typo but the owner has added a 1966 grill at some point.  I’m starting to think about maybe putting a two-tone paint job on JP but can’t make up my mind.  I’d like it to at least have some kind of graphic element (e.g. pin stripes, scallops) to add some interest.

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Best of Truckin’ 1998 1966 F100 Feature   Leave a comment


I can’t remember where I found this reprint recently but here’s a shot of a 1966 F100 that appeared in the 1998 edition of Best of Truckin’. The trim, emblems, and door handles have been deleted and the mounting holes filled. It looks like the exhaust exits in front of the rear tires. Love that engine bay. Maybe one day JP’s will be that clean and smooth. It’s been lowered a little bit more than I like but at least it’s not in the weeds like a lot of cars and trucks are today.

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