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It started out innocently enough on a Saturday afternoon. My wife Sheryl likes old vehicles – especially vintage pickups and lead sleds from the 40’s and ’50’s.  My daughter Hannah has an interest in older pickups since Bella from Twilight drives a 1963 Chevy in the movies (if you’re not familiar with Twilight ask any female 10 years old and above).  Sheryl and I had been discussing what Hannah would be driving when she turns 15 and gets her permit.  Plus, it’s only a little over a year until she gets her license.

“Hey, while I was out on my motorcycle yesterday, I saw a 1966 Ford pickup for sale close to here,” I said in passing between bites of lunch.  My interest came from the fact that I learned to drive in a 1965 with “three on the tree.” As we were wrapping up lunch Sheryl says, “Let’s go look at the truck.”  Okkkaayy.  Obviously, Hannah wants to go.  The truck was 30 minutes away and I knew Hannah needed to get home for some schoolwork but who was I to argue? Thirty minutes later we’re standing in the drizzle looking at the truck.

After looking at it for a few minutes we got back into our Explorer and headed home.  I asked them what they thought and, of course, Hannah wanted it no matter the cost. Sheryl liked it, too, so I asked her to call the number of the seller. After a couple of minutes on the phone, she hung up and told me the price.  Uh oh.  It wasn’t too bad considering the prices vintage trucks are going for at the auctions.  It had a Ford 390 FE engine which is more power than what I wanted for Hannah but that made the price even better.  It looked pretty straight and I couldn’t see a lot of rust in the sheet metal.  A couple of hours later I went back by myself to look at it again and that’s how I came to be haggling in the rain with a Pentecostal evangelist over the price.

Over the next couple of days while I was getting the arrangements finalized, I told Hannah I thought a truck with this much history and experience should have a name.  Since it’s going to be hers it was her responsibility to name it.  She said a girl’s name would be weird for her so it should have a boy’s name.  At one point, Fred was thrown around and, I have to admit, the empty-interior, no-trim primered look makes him look like a Fred.  But, eventually, Hannah settled on JP as a reference to her two granddads James and Pete.  I thought that was pretty good and suits the truck just fine.

A couple of days later I drove JP home and showed him where he would be staying.  Welcome to the family, JP.  You better take care of my daughter.  After all, I know where you live.


Posted September 25, 2010 by jglee920 in General

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