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I’ve pretty much finished treating the rust and painting JP’s rear frame. This post is just a few before and after shots of the progress.

Pictures 1 and 2 – Rear shot of the frame under the bed in the condition it came in from the PO and a side shot of the same.

Picture 3 – After pressure washing the loose scale off and applying the first coat of rust converter.

Picture 4 – After second coat of rust converter.

Pictures 5, 6, and 7 – The finished frame after a coat of rust encapsulator and chassis paint.

We obviously still have some work to do out back. We’ll be painting the rear differential, axles, and drive shaft as soon as possible. I also plan on dressing up that rusted exhaust system. Right now, Dad has got the engine torn down so we can install a new camshaft, lifters, and timing chain and gears. Since we’re trying to get that back together as soon as possible I’ll be shifting gears to the clean up and painting of the engine and components, engine bay, and bellhousing.


Posted October 31, 2010 by jglee920 in Frame

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