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As mentioned in the last post, I’m turning my attention to the motor for a while so we can try and get some mechanical bugs worked out. When we bought JP, he had a clicking sound apparently coming from under the driver’s side valve cover. I took a gamble that it was something relatively minor like a stuck lifter. I tried putting some automatic transmission fluid in the oil as suggested by my neighbor and some folks on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums but without any luck. We’ve taken JP to three different mechanics and got three pretty different ideas on how to fix it including a complete rebuild to the tune of $2,500. If required, that will be the first big blow to our budget but we’re going to try some other ideas first. Unfortunately this required undoing my wonderful timing handiwork (see Sheryl, Can I Borrow Your Red Fingernail Polish?). But at least I know how to do it again when we need to.

This is the condition of the engine as purchased. It will be getting a thorough cleaning and new paint job as we work on it.  I also plan on cleaning and painting the engine bay.

This is where the engine is at this point. The carburetor, intake manifold, etc. are sitting in my garage floor. Notice the hole where the camshaft goes.

This is one of the problems we’ve found so far. We pulled four bent pushrods and you can see from the straight edge how badly this one is bent. I couldn’t get a picture to show it but all lifters were concave on the top and worn out. The camshaft also had pitting on each lobe so it obviously needed to be replaced as well.

This is part of the top end of my 390 FE in what used to be my clean garage. But what’s a garage for, anyway? What can’t be seen in this shot are the valve covers, timing chain cover, radiator, fan, or the bed on saw horses in the back.  Next up is cleaning and painting some engine parts and possibly pulling the engine so we can work on it and the engine bay easier.


Posted November 16, 2010 by jglee920 in Engine

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