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With the time change a couple of weeks ago, progress has slowed down on JP. Our garage is holding the bed and a bunch of engine parts (along with all the usual stuff) so my main work area is the driveway. The sun is down before I even leave work so this only leaves a few hours on Saturday to work. We decided to go ahead and pull the engine and the transmission to ease the reassembly process. Dad is basically finished with the mechanical aspect of the engine pull and tear down. Now he’s waiting on me to finish cleaning up the engine, engine bay, and frame at the front end. Here are some shots of the latest progress.

We decided to go ahead and pull the motor so JP’s engine bay is now empty and ready for cleaning, some rust treatment, and painting.

Here’s my 76 year-old dad (the Pete of JP) after pulling the motor and removing the second header. He’s probably also wondering what I’ve gotten him into.

The Ford 390 FE block and heads as it came out of JP. That’s just a reflection in the trough, not rust. We have a lot of cleaning and painting to do as well as ironing out some mechanical issues.


We removed one of the front frame cross members to make it easier to get the engine and transmission in and out. As you can see, both ends were broken and cracked so a little welding to repair it will be done along with rust treatment and paint.


Intake manifold – before shot after having it “boiled” and then with a fresh coat of paint.


Valve covers

Timing chain/gear cover

Water pump

Motor pulleys and fan blade


Before and after of the bellhousing. I’ve still got to replace the rubber boot over the clutch fork. The transmission is currently stashed in a flower bed so the neighbors won’t get upset until I can get it cleaned and painted.

That’s it for now. Next up is getting the block cleaned up and ready for the rebuild. After that I plan on treating the rust and painting the headers, flushing and painting the radiator, and cleaning and painting the transmission. Maybe the weather and temperatures will cooperate so we can keep this project moving forward.


Posted November 27, 2010 by jglee920 in Engine

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