Engine Teardown Pt. 3   Leave a comment

Well, with the short days, holidays, and weather (a white Christmas in Alabama and another snow storm a week or so later!) progress has been really slow lately. I thought JP looked good in the snow. But there is hope that we are about to bring the engine teardown segment of the restoration (and blog) to an end. I’m finishing the clean up and painting of various engine components as well as the engine itself. The block now has a coat of paint and we’re waiting on above-freezing temperatures to start putting the engine back together. Here are the latest pictures of what’s going on with JP.


A few before shots of the engine after it was pulled from JP.


After some Simple Green, brake cleaner, aircraft paint remover, and lots of elbow grease.


Oil pan


Transmission flywheel cover

Dad giving the business to a header to prep it for painting.

That’s it for now. Next up is installation of the camshaft, lifters, timing chain/gears, and buttoning the engine back up. At some point in the near future I need to get to work on the engine bay so the motor will have a place to go besides my garage.


Posted January 15, 2011 by jglee920 in Engine

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