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In my last post I showed some pictures of JP’s motor as we were getting it ready to install. Here are some more pictures of the motor after we took it off the stand and picked it up on the hoist before it went back into JP.

This is after we attached the flywheel and clutch. At this point you would expect me to also have a picture after the pressure plate was installed. I don’t have one. I twisted a bolt off torqueing it down and we had to take all of this back off so we could get to it to drill it out. We then got the motor back to this point when I proceeded to twist another bolt off installing the pressure plate. Dad laughed and I ran down the driveway to keep from punching a hole in the garage drywall. At this point I thought it would be a good idea to go to Lowe’s and get some new bolts and calm down while Dad drilled out the second bolt. When we finally got the pressure plate back on I was still so ill I forgot to take a picture. However, in my defense, I was reading on one of the forums that these bolts are easy to break so I think they were weakened by the previous owner. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Two shots after we put the bellhousing on.

Two shots after we installed the three speed transmission.

This is the engine bay after removing the motor. We had pounds of grease, grime, and rust to remove from the sheet metal and frame. I also found a good sized hole in the fender well under the battery box that will have to be patched. I’m going to wait until we get the motor back up and running before I fix the wiring and plumbing in here.

This is a shot of the firewall after a coat of rust converter and before priming. How do you like those exhaust pipes behind the cross member? I think those need to go, too.

This is after priming the firewall. For some reason I can’t find my pictures of the fender wells and frames after rust treatment, priming, and painting but you can get the idea. After these shots were taken I also painted the clutch levers, steering gear box, and brake lines.

That’s it for this installment. We’ve now got the motor back into JP so the next update will hopefully show how he looks with a new engine installed in a cleaner engine bay. I hope we can fire the motor up this weekend and maybe take JP for a spin around the block on a test drive. With any luck I may try uploading some video of the tests. That should be worth a few giggles.


Posted March 11, 2011 by jglee920 in Engine

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