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While we’re trying to work some kinks out to get the motor running I thought I would post a few pictures of Hannah working on JP during her Spring Break. I think it’s pretty cool we’ve got three generations working on this project. Granddaddy gave her some sandpaper and pointed her toward the rust on the rear wheels and axles. Good job, Hannah!

These were apparently taken before the novelty wore off.

I think Hannah needed to put a pillow on those frame rails.

Granddaddy and granddaughter hard at it. I’m scared to ask what Dad is concocting in that bottle.

I would love to know what’s going through Dad’s mind right about now. My bet is he’s either “supervising” what Hannah’s doing or he’s about to kick the fender because the motor won’t act right. The second shot shows Dad on another mission under JP.

I like to call this the “How Many Subdivision Covenants Can You Violate At One Time” shot.

  1. Non-running vehicle parked on driveway – Check
  2. Cement blocks used on said vehicle – Check
  3. Incomplete vehicle in view (no bed) – Check
  4. Unattached vehicle parts in view – Check
    1. Hood on driveway
    2. Exhaust system in flower bed (not actually seen in this shot)
    3. Radiator leaned against house in flower bed (not actually seen in this shot)
  5. Various possible EPA violations (see bottles/chemicals on fenders) – Check
  6. Various possible OSHA violations (no MSDS sheets for said chemicals) – Check
  7. Engine noise above allowable decibels (troubleshooting motor with only competition headers) – Check

But hey, our new fence is in compliance so I’m gonna call it a wash. Hopefully we’ll get the motor issues sorted out soon and I can post the completed progress on that phase of the project. Until then, it’s back to cleaning, painting, and patching.


Posted March 21, 2011 by jglee920 in General

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