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Watch Abby Normal scene from Young Frankenstein

JP is alive but he has an abnormal brain.  The scene from Young Frankenstein is kind of how I feel right now. We got JP’s engine back in and took him on a test ride. I posted a video of me and Dad taking him out on my Facebook profile for my friends. There was good news and bad news.

The good news – we fixed the clicking coming from the valve area. Seems the new cam and lifters did the job. The bad news – apparently after getting that and a manifold leak fixed we could hear another more ominous knocking. After some careful diagnosis work by Dad he isolated it to the rod in the number four cylinder.

With that, we decided to go ahead and rebuild the bottom end and rework the heads to try and avoid something catastrophic happening. In all honesty, I expected and planned on this due to the age and condition of the engine when we got it. It was obvious from all the grease, grime, and general disrepair that it hadn’t been taken care of like it should. It would have still been nice to get by without a complete rebuild if we could have but such is the nature of restoring old vehicles. Since we have already replaced the camshaft, timing chain/gears, lifters, and push rods it’s not going to be as expensive, thank goodness, as the quotes we originally got to do a complete rebuild.

Dad already has the engine at the shop that is doing the work.  The owner of the shop came highly recommended from a retired mechanic I know and a lot of the local short trackers use him to do their motor work. He even told Dad he would be happy to let him hang out and watch the progress as he works on the engine so we feel pretty comfortable with him at this point.

I guess the worst part of this is that JP has been off the road now for four or five months. I know that most restorations take many months or even years but I’m getting antsy to get JP back on the road. The shop said they would be finished in a couple of weeks so hopefully that schedule will hold. Meanwhile, its back to degreaser, rust treatment, and paint for me.


Posted April 4, 2011 by jglee920 in Engine

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