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This post really has nothing to do with JP’s restoration. I just wanted a chance to share some good looking Ford vehicles. Thirty-one years ago, Hartselle created a festival known as Hee Haw Days. Also known as Mule Days, it was the forerunner of what is now Depot Days. For more information you can read this article from a recent The Hartselle Enquirer post.

One of the elements of Depot Days from the start, besides a Moon Pie eating contest, has been a car show. According to Hartselle Area Magazine, that first show only had 32 entries. I don’t know how many cars were there this year but my official estimate is a bunch. I would say there were at least 200? Not only was it local and domestic vehicles, but there were also some higher end cars as well such as a 1961 Bentley. But as you can imagine, I concentrated on the Ford stuff in attendance. I apologize for the picture quality. All I had available was my iPhone so I did the best I could.

By the way, the picture to the right is a sign I found on the firewall of a car at the show. I share the owner’s philosophy. Drive ’em!

First up is just a shot of Hartselle’s Main Street during the festival. It was as crowded as I can ever remember it.

Next up is some pictures of various Ford vehicles that I thought were cool. I wish I had made notes on the years and models but I didn’t think to do it. Feel free to help me out if you can.


You know I have to show off some pony power. The first is Mustang row. Next up is an authentic Shelby Hertz, aka Rent-a-Racer. The third is some modern muscle – a 2011 Shelby.


A few more cool rides.


These next couple of shots are for a car/truck I had never seen or heard of. But I thought this was a really cool truck. The owner had it listed as a 1946 or 1948 (I can’t remember which) Ford Coupe Utility. The limited research I did on it leads me to believe it was produced in Australia but I could definitely be wrong. In any event, I thought it was pretty sweet.


And finally, you knew I would get around to them. Here are a few pictures of some F-series pickups at the show. I’m really starting to like the old panel trucks too but Sheryl isn’t much of a fan. There’s definitely room for one more F-series at this show, especially of the Slick ’60s variety.



That’s it for this installment. If you get a chance next year, check out Depot Days in Hartselle, Alabama. It’s a lot of fun and the car show is gaining steam and getting better every year. Hopefully my next post will include a new chapter in JP’s restoration with an update on new floor pans, some interior work, and new cab mounting hardware.


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