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As I mentioned in part 1, we had a lot of rust to fix in JP’s floor pans that resulted in a Fred Flintstone-like condition. Luckily this is a very common situation for Slicks so replacement sheet metal is pretty easy to come by. I placed an order with Dennis Carpenter and in a few days I had brand new pans sitting in my garage waiting to be grafted into the existing floor structure. There are some support beams under the floor but thankfully these were in pretty good shape so I didn’t need to replace them. But it’s a good thing Dad reminded me they were there or they might have wound up on the ground with the rest of the floor as I let the sawzall eat.

I also mentioned in the first part of this installment that Dad had come up with a solution on getting the floors welded in. Fortunately for me, Dad went to a family reunion and ran into a nephew (my cousin) that can weld. In fact, that’s his job at a local manufacturing plant. He had been wanting to put together his own set up at home so he could weld anytime he needed to but was running into some electrical issues. Well Dad, being an electrician from way back, made a deal that he would fix my cousin’s electrical issues with a little boot in return for welding in the floor panels for us. The deal was struck and after a few days of work at his garage, my cousin Josh Lee was set up and capable of doing some welding. And that’s kind of where we pick up in this installment.

Below are some pictures of the latest progress.


The first shot is a picture of the floor “platform” under the seat. It was in good shape except for the hole you see in the second picture on the passenger side.



These pictures are some shots of Dad and my cousin Josh welding in the pans. You can tell these two are experienced. Look how they know to close their eyes instead of looking at the weld. OSHA? We don’t need no stinking OSHA!

Here’s a picture of the passenger’s side pan after being welded in. The silver square at the bottom is a patch panel for the hole on the seat “platform” shown above. Since the floor will eventually be covered with some type of rubber mat or upholstery I didn’t think the 1/8″ or so it stuck up will be anything that will be noticeable. It was a week later before I could grind the welds smooth and rust had already started getting to the sheet metal and welds. It sure doesn’t take long.


These shots are of the floor pans after I removed the surface rust and ground the welds down. I then sprayed them with a little primer so I wouldn’t have to deal with the rust again. Don’t tell Josh, but I burned a couple of pinholes around his welds when I got a little heavy with the grinder. I’ll fix those with some seam sealer.


These two shots show the pans as well as the newly-painted gas tank that has been reinstalled. If you read part 1, you know I mentioned that the rear of the cab was in pretty good shape. You can catch a glimpse above the gas tank of the little amount of primer I used after some light sanding and mild rust treatment. I’ve gotta do something about those seat belts. Replacements and a three-point system are on the to-do list. We just can’t decide on a color.

That’s it for this episode. I’m back to working on the underside of the floor pans now doing some more grinding and using some bondo and seam sealer to smooth it out before doing the final phase of painting. I’m not quite finished in the cab yet as I’ve still got a hole that needs patching in what I guess would be called the passenger’s side kick plate if this were a modern vehicle. And a slice in the driver’s door skin from who knows what. And a hole in the front passenger’s side fender well where battery acid leaked over the years. Now where did I put Josh’s number?


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