What is a Slick ’66?

Obviously, it doesn’t refer to the way our truck looks at the moment but hopefully it will one day.  A slick 60 actually refers to Ford’s F-Series trucks built from 1961-1966.  Ours is a 1966 F-100.

What (or who) is JP?

JP is the name of our truck.  It’s origins are a little murky but the short story is it’s the abbreviation of my daughter Hannah’s grandfathers’ names – James and Pete.

What do you know about JP?

Not much other than he’s a 1966 Ford F-100 Custom Cab.  The evangelist we bought him from had bought him from a lady in north Alabama.  He told us JP had been sitting idle for at least a couple of years.  I verified this because, due to it not being tagged in at least two years per the DMV, I had to pay two years of  back taxes (a grand total of $2.90) when I got the license plate. 

From the data plate on the door, I found out that JP was built in Michigan in June 1966.  He was ordered through the Memphis Ford district sales office so he’s apparently a life-long southern boy.  JP was originally painted an ugly beige called Sahara Beige with medium beige vinyl and plastic seats.  He has a Ford 9″ rear end with “three on the tree” manual transmission.  JP started life with a 352 V8 engine but it had been previously replaced at some point (would love to know the story behind that) with a Ford 390 FE V8 that according to the engine tag was built in March 1970.  I’m going to see if I can get some more history from the DMV.

Where did the quote in the header come from?

My dad, the aforementioned Pete.  This is what he said after I made a remark about the simple looking mechanical systems of JP compared to modern vehicles.  It was probably prompted by knowing I have never done anything more mechanical than changing oil.

What does PO mean?

It’s an abbreviation for previous owner/owners.

Who is the “evangelist”?

The fellow I bought JP from.


Posted September 23, 2010 by jglee920

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