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  1. Adjust headlights
  2. Clean and buff trim
  3. Sandblast and reprime
  4. Fix fuel gauge
  5. Fix temperature gauge
  6. Clean gauge cluster
  7. Install 3-point seatbelt/harness
  8. Fix driver door panel rip
  9. Re-wire electrical system
  10. Check frame alignment
  11. Restore steering wheel
  12. Adjust stance
  13. Fix tailgate holes
  14. Align fender/hood panel gaps
  15. Paint interior/exterior/engine bay
  16. Decide on bed liner/protection
  17. Replace exhaust system
  18. Install spare tire hanger
  19. Install power brake booster
  20. Install heater
  21. Install air conditioning
  22. Install power steering
  23. Pick interior/upholstery color
  24. Install hushmat
  25. Install weather stripping
  26. Replace seat
  27. Install new upholstery
  28. Headliner
  29. Clean and buff bumpers
  30. Install trim
  31. Install stereo system
  32. New wheels     Torque Thrust II?/Cragar SS?
  33. Rebuild engine bottom end and headers
  34. Clean/prep/prime cowl and hood hinge area
  35. Treat front clip rust
  36. Treat front clip frame rust
  37. Grind/fill/paint floor pans
  38. Replace windshield wiper arms and blades
  39. Fix window regulators
  40. Patch cab passenger vent hole
  41. Fix dashboard light
  42. Clean interior
  43. Replace throttle linkage
  44. Repair/replace cab-to-frame mounts/hardware
  45. Replace floor pans
  46. Patch roof seam
  47. Treat bed rust
  48. Treat rust underneath cab floor
  49. Prime bed front
  50. Patch inside bed rust holes
  51. Patch cab corner hole
  52. Fill bed seam
  53. Fill cab seam
  54. Replace steering wheel
  55. Replace passenger fender well
  56. Strip fiberglass from tailgate
  57. Prime cab
  58. Tune carburetor
  59. Clean/paint carburetor
  60. Clean/buff air cleaner
  61. Clean/paint differential/rear axles/drive shaft
  62. Find and fix rear end leak
  63. Replace tires
  64. Treat cab frame rust
  65. Replace clutch
  66. Clean/paint master cylinder
  67. Clean and paint transmission
  68. Replace radiator
  69. Clean and paint engine and components
  70. Clean engine bay/firewall rust
  71. Clean and paint headers
  72. Replace camshaft and lifters
  73. Troubleshoot hard brake pedal
  74. Replace engine and oil pan gaskets
  75. Fix carburetor leak
  76. Find and fix motor oil leak
  77. Troubleshoot valve click
  78. Adjust timing
  79. Replace brake pads, cylinders, and hoses
  80. Check points and plugs
  81. Change oil/filter
  82. Fix emergency brakes
  83. Replace battery tray/get hold down clamp
  84. Replace turn signal switch and cam
  85. Get spare tire
  86. Finish paint and polish wheels
  87. Pick exterior color Red Candy Metallic
  88. Treat bed frame rust

Posted October 19, 2010 by jglee920

2 responses to “To-Do List

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  1. It looks like your to-do list is already half complete. What love you are putting in to Hannah’s first ride. It may be ready on or shortly after her 16th birthday!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Suzi. Unfortunately it seems like every time I mark one off the to-do list I have to add one (or two) items. Hopefully it will start getting cooler soon and we’ll be able to make up some time.

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